At Firostefani, one of the most beautiful locations of Santorini, two brothers decided to reface the traditional house where they grew up and create an elegant restaurant-café, called “to Briki”. The welcoming, cozy atmosphere and the love that had once filled the family’s home, is still emitted in the newly renovated space. The caldera view enjoyed from the spacious and restful balcony is surely exhilarating. Guaranteed to take your breath away! However, “to Briki” isn’t just another idyllic place with marvellous view, but also a restaurant-café with delicious treats, aroma-full drinks and great service.

To Briki

Το Μπρίκι - Παραδοσιακό Εστιατόριο & Καφέ Σαντορίνη

For breakfast

“to Briki” is open since early morning, giving you the chance to enjoy a wonderful breakfast of your choice while admiring the dazzling view of the caldera as the morning dew embraces it.

Το Μπρίκι - Παραδοσιακό Εστιατόριο & Καφέ Σαντορίνη

For coffee and drinks

You will enjoy it so much that you would like to return to “toBriki” in the afternoon for an invigorating coffee and a delightful sweet. And not only for that, but to also observe, from our spacious and restful balcony, perhaps, the most enchanting show on Earth. The famous sunset of Santorini! When the night falls wouldn’t it be marvelous to relax here and have an aromatic and exotic cocktail, prepared by our friendly staff?

To Briki - Traditional Restaurant Cafe Santorini

For lunch and dinner

The options are countless and incredibly tasty. “the Briki” offers many excellent choices in appetizers, salads, pasta and rice, seafood and meat dishes combined with such divine garnishes that –we will not deny it- it will be difficult for you to decide what you are having! Our piece of advice? Taste them all! Don’t forget to accompany our mouth watering dishes with the carefully selected beverages of our cellar.


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