Wedding Ceremonies

The beautiful “to briki” also features a specially designed space, suitable for performing any type of wedding ceremony, as well as any type of wedding banquet that would follow.

This exquisite space is undoubtedly one of the most enchanting spots of the impressive Caldera, right across the island of Nea Kameni where the notorious Volcano is located.

The view is truly magical and it will carry you away! The horizon is so unobstructed that you will, effortlessly, see on your right and on your left both ends of the island.


Wedding Banquets

And when the time comes for the decoration of your choice to be placed, this space will be transformed into the most captivating wedding scene you could have ever imagined. It will delight you and your guests!

With such a fabulous background just imagine how wonderful your wedding photos are going to be. Although these amazing images will be engraved so joyfully and so intensely on your mind, the moment when all occurs, that you will never need any photo to remember it. All the best!


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