Meet our team

In the kitchen of this traditionally modern restaurant-café, the cuisine artists are creating amazing dishes; Chef and his team, a group of young and yet experienced architects of cooking. As their skills are combined with excitement, enthusiasm and imagination the result is dishes full of passion and taste. All ingredients are fresh and all the delicious dishes are being prepared (for real!) the moment you give your order! Not before that! In addition to this, there is also something else that will delight you and make you want to visit “to Briki” again, like almost every customer does. Although the menu is based on tasty Greek and Santorinean recipes, it also disposes a sort of playful, flirty mood giving dishes a touch that seems different from the classic presentation of Greek cuisine. Nevertheless, the essence of these dishes is kept intact. They do not abandon their origins or their identity and they manage to remain, at the same time, so different and yet so familiar. They are not pretending. They are authentic.