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If you want your palette to reach a whole new level of satisfaction and experience a savory perfection, accompany your food with one or more drinks from our cellar. “to Briki” features a selection of the most superb wines you’ve ever tried. They are all exclusive products coming from the famous local ancient vineyards. The extraordinary volcanic soil, the microclimate of the beautiful island and the experience of the local traditional winemakers create several wonderful wine varieties with intoxicating aromas. Blessed with unusual and exquisite flavours they are getting, more and more each year, the recognition and praise of international wine tasters and acknowledged sommeliers. Some of these Santorinean wines have been recently awarded and received top Prizes at international competitions. It goes without saying that “to Briki” serves several of these superb award winning wines and invites you to taste them.

White Wines 750ml


Asyrtiko Nomikos 2012

Ασύρτικος Νομικός 2012

Asyrtiko Nomikos 2013

Ασύρτικος Νομικός 2013

Asyrtiko Nomikos 2014

Ασύρτικος Νομικός 2014

White Nomikos 50-50

Λευκό Νομικός 50-50

Argyros Asyrtiko Santorini

Σαντορίνη Ασύρτικο Αργυρός

White Barrel Argyros

Λευκό Βαρέλι Αργυρός

Santorini Asyrtiko Santo wines

Σαντορίνη Ασύρτικο Ένωση

Nikteri Santo wines

Νυχτέρι Ένωση

Asyrtiko Santorini Gavala

Ασύρτικο Σαντορίνη Γαβαλά

Asyrtiko Hatzidakis

Ασύρτικο Χατζηδάκη

Sigalas Santorini

Σιγάλας Σαντορίνη

Rose Wines 750ml


Atlantis Argyros

Αντλαντίς Αργυρός

Ean Sigalas

Εάν Σιγάλας

Red Wines 750ml


Atlantis Argyros

Αντλαντίς Αργυρός

Visanto Nomikos

Βισάντο Νομικός

Kameni Santo wines

Καμμένη Ένωση

Mavrotragano Argyros

Μαυροτράγανο Αργυρός

Mavrotragano Sigalas

Μαυροτράγανο Σιγάλας

Sparkling Beverages


Moscato Bianconero white & rose 200ml

Moscato Bianconero Λευκό & Ροζέ 200ml

Moscato d' Angeli 200ml

Moscato d’ Angeli 200ml

Moscato d' Angeli 750ml

Moscato d’ Angeli 750ml

Blue Moscato d'Asti 375ml

Blue Moscato d’Asti 375ml

Blue Moscato d'Asti 750ml

Blue Moscato d’Asti 750ml

Villa Jolanda Prosecco 200ml

Villa Jolanda Prosecco 200ml

Villa Jolanda Prosecco 750ml

Villa Jolanda Prosecco 750ml

Asyrtiko Brut Santo wines 200ml

Asyrtiko Brut Santo wines 200ml

Asyrtiko Brut Santo wines 750ml

Asyrtiko Brut Santo wines 750ml



Moet Chandon

Moet Chandon

Veuve Clicquot Brut

Veuve Clicquot Brut